IMAGO has cracked the code for transformative image detection of disease through visual recalibration of images from any & all digital image capture devices or machines

United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US patent number 10,873,681B2 covering the System and Method for The Visualization and Characterization of Objects in
Images. This wide-ranging proprietary technology platform brings a breakthrough in image processing and analysis of clinical images and is applicable to virtually all digital imaging protocols utilized today.

IMAGO’S Patent Covers IP protection for the use of fractal-geometry in ALL image visualization and AI analysis, constituting a new and broad imaging category branded
Visual Intelligence™ (VI®). This patent signifies a new imaging paradigm for medical diagnosis and clinical research.

IMAGO’S fractal-geometric characterization of images approach transforms unstructured image data into structured image data. The VI technology allows one to SEE what has never been observed before from within original captured image.