Non-invasive Real-Time In Vivo Visualization and Characterization of Cardiovascular Structures and Hemodynamic Flow

Imago Systems, Inc., has developed a patented medical image software technology for real-time post-processing of standard angiographic and heart ultrasound images. It is designed to allow clinicians to “see into the images that see into the body” where low spatial- and contrast-resolution images make diagnostic assessment of heart chamber functioning, structure of vessel walls and lumens, and analysis of hemodynamic flow challenging and potentially subjective.

The process is known as Imago ICE Insight™. The newly generated post-processed images provide improved visualization and characterization of vascular structures and hemodynamic flow in angiograms, and ventricular flow in ultrasound images, improving clinical assessment and management of coronary artery disease (CAD) and non-ischemic heart disease. Newly generated single image or motion video sequences can be displayed in tandem with original angiograms on a monitor during Cath Lab procedures.

All vessel walls are more clearly visualized in the new images, allowing accurate quantification of vessel diameters at any location of any vessel. The new images have been shown to reveal the presence of plaque, vessel narrowing, aneurisms, ulcerations, or ruptures.

Additionally, emergent geometric (fractal) patterns display an Instantaneous Velocity Flow (IVF) map for real-time analysis of hemodynamic flow where thinning, thickening, or change in direction of flow may indicate the presence of deformed or stenotic blood vessels, pooling of blood, or presence of turbulence and areas of potential high wall shear stress.

Angiograms used for clinical validation have been acquired under an IRB encompassing different degrees of vascular disease and FFR values. Ultrasound images can also be transformed to reveal geometric patterns of hemodynamic flow, ventricular muscle and valve functioning, and calculations of ejection fractions. The post-processed images can be viewed in real-time by clinicians to evaluate changes in motion that might help assess the etiology of non-ischemic heart disease.

Imago’s software processing is cost effective, non-invasive, and safe for patients, and it can minimize or remove the need for time-consuming pressure-measuring procedures. It is not limited to cardiology and can be applied to analysis of peripheral vascular disease.

Investigational Device, Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to investigational use.