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Visual Intelligence™

See into the images that see into the body

Medical imaging reimagined

Imago ICE Reveal™ software algorithmically post-processes original medical images, visualizing and characterizing their content, and revealing abnormalities as small as 1mm in size.

Visual Intelligence™ —
Seeing is believing.

IMAGO’S Visual Intelligence™ platform will support clinicians with expanded information for trustworthy decision-making.

Human Imaging —
Every image reveals
a new story

IMAGO’S platform fits seamlessly by design into existing DICOM and
HIPAA-compliant medical imaging protocols and reveals transformative diagnostic patterns.

Animal Imaging —
Giving VETS and Pets a fighting chance

Cloud based, PetView solutions equip clinicians with a valuable tool to detect and flag early signs of disease for our four-legged friends.

Featured Story

My mammogram missed my breast cancer Rosanna Silber couldn’t shake the thought from her head: “I have cancer,” she said to herself, while traveling in Sweden in 2016.

Investor's Welcome

Imago’s life-saving software will disrupt and transform the medical imaging industry without replacing existing legacy imaging equipment.

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