The brain is an obvious fractal structure.

Glioblastoma image of the brain using the Imago Systems Visual Intelligence® Platform.

Our brains are full of fractals! In fact, they couldn’t function if not for fractal geometry. The human brain comprises approximately 100 billion neurons. Amazingly, there are about 100 trillion synapses, or connections, among these brain cells.

High quality Imaging is critical to monitoring disease progression or regression in patients with Glioblastoma

IMAGO’S Visual Intelligence (VI) platform could provide a new level of detail and specificity to image analysis and monitoring of this most aggressive brain cancer. There are approximately 16,000 new cases of malignant glioblastoma diagnosed each year in the United States.

Glioblastoma imaging shows epidural hemorrhage using traditional vs. Imago Systems enhanced VI® Platform

Glioblastoma’s median survival rate is only 12 to 15 months.

An increasing incidence of GBM is becoming evident, while the median survival remains low. Tumors are different genetically and delivering new or existing drugs through the Blood-Brain barrier are inhibited. This troubling trend emphasizes the importance of further research into GBM etiology, treatment, and better image monitoring of disease progression and regression.

MRI time sequence of three studies left to right

Differentiation of tumor regression/progression vs. immunotherapy inflammatory response

Grayscale MRI to Color and fractal geometry patterns

*As we continue to develop Imago’s Visual Intelligence™ IP, we will submit 510(k) applications for a single-source version of its technology for an accredited review under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (the “FDA”) 510(k) Third Party Review Program by midyear 2022.