IMAGO redefines the category for Medical Imaging today. Without changing the global infrastructure for legacy medical imaging equipment, Imago’s integrated cloud-based Medical Software as a Service (MSaaS) solution makes all existing imaging processes transformative.

All image devices capture “unseen quality” data that are not visible to one’s eye, or to the equipment that generate that image. Imago’s Visual Intelligence® (VI®) software can integrate a triad of capabilities as a breakthrough in medical imaging science, i.e., detection, monitoring, and information assessment of treatment efficacy in a clinical setting.

  • Imago’s approach is vastly different and disruptive from everything else. Its patented technology leverages real-time global cloud connectivity, enabling radiologist and doctors to SEE information within an image as never revealed before from anywhere in the world.
  • Experiencing the technology is truly unique and solves many important and unmet medical imaging and diagnostic needs.

Problems We’re Solving

Imago’s visualization and characterization software doesn’t detect anything… instead, it is designed to reveal everything.

The technology can improve early cancer detection and earlier targeted intervention, which could result in improved patient outcomes, overall savings to healthcare system, and increased market demand and adoption.

By transforming unstructured image data into structured image data, diffuse grayscale and dense white areas emerge as discernible and quantitatively measurable patterns… cancer by example differentiates itself from benign and normal tissues, COVID differentiates from pneumonia, and plaque expresses itself in cardiovascular arteries showing blockage.