Imago Systems, Inc., Receives Clearance to Work with WCG for Acquiring Independent IRB)Assessments Faster

Imago Systems, Inc., received clearance to work with WCG* for acquiring independent institutional review board (IRB) assessments faster (from months to as quickly as days) for acquiring new images from clinical sites without ever compromising quality or compliance. 

WCG was the first central IRB to become a member of the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) and has reviewed tens of thousands of studies in every phase of research. WCG’s leaders have deep expertise in every therapeutic area, including rare diseases and emerging medical research fields, and in every medical device category.

*Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB®)—now known as WIRB-Copernicus Group (WCG® IRB)—is an option for industry-sponsored clinical trials protocol submissions.